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UK As level maths

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    Anyone got any tips or resources I can use for C1 AS level maths. It's coming up in january...:eek:

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    If you're doing Edexcel then buy this:


    Work through it all. Guaranteed A or A* (whatever it is nowadays, I took mine a few years ago). Maths is about worked examples and practise. This book has lots of worked examples, and only makes you practice questions that will come up on the exam, as it's the official revision guide. It's only 60 pages so you should be able to get through it all in a few weeks.

    Buy these books for all modules (don't bother with the textbook) and you'll get an A. Also, take further Maths, i can't even tell you how much it will help for a Physics degree - it's the easy road to getting a first to be honest.
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    Do as many past papers as you can - also be wary of the guide posted above as the syllabus has changed alot in the past year, some bits might not be relevent.

    Personally I just completed all of the past papers & managed to achieve 100 on c1 & c2, it's the key in my oppinion.

    Also, do you take further maths?
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    Thanks for replying.

    I am doing the MEI OCR AS level Maths and I'm doing it one night a week at a further education college.

    I'd like to do further Maths but have Googled around a bit and can't see any colleges that do it in my area of Portsmouth, Hampshire.

    As I'm currently out of work I am spending a lot of time studying. I have done a few past papers and am in the 80 - 86% range but want to get it up to 100%. ~Were yo notified of your percentage in your C1 exam - I thought you'd just be notified of the grade. I believe 80%+ is an A. An A* is awarded for the A2 level modules.

    I love maths, it's a good discipline and I like the goal of exams to aim for.
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    Yes edexel give you your UMS scores (out of 100).

    In order to achieve and A* in maths you need to get an average of 90% or above on the C3 & C4 modules, so 180/200 + on those papers.

    I agree about maths, it's really neat.

    Good luck anyway!
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    Just another quick question. Is there much difference between AQA, Edexcel and OCR MEI?
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    Some people claim that MEI is more difficult but i've no evidence to support that and I doubt it's true...

    there should be no difference at all really other than in the specifications (i took Edexcel myself)
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    I took the c1 exam on monday. it was pretty hard - and all the others thought so too. Will have to wait is it 2 months for the grade?

    Decision Maths D1 next - how did anyone find this - it looks very computer sciencey.
  10. Mar 16, 2010 #9

    I got an A, and 92 points - I think this is UMS points.:biggrin:
  11. Mar 16, 2010 #10
    Well done Freddy:biggrin:
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