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UK or US

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    hey all ....
    i have just received a scholarship from my country ( arabian country ) :rofl:
    this scholarship is either to uk or to us ... and now ... i am confused :confused: to pick one .... i will be sent there to a boarding school for 2 years and then i will be sent to a university ( top university of course ) ... as to what i think to study in the uni ... i am thinking of either Telecom or chemical engineering ( or something related to petrochemicals ) ..... and since i didn't visit either uk or us ... i don't no where to go .... soooooooooooo .... i need from u some suggestions about which is better in my case ...
    ( plz explain why UK or US and give reasons plz ... include everything ... people there .... way of life .... studying at school .... level of uiversities and level of boarding shools there .... living in the school houses ... name of top boarding school there )))
    i would really be very grateful if u could help me :smile: :smile: :smile:

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    If you're going to be spending at least 5 years in a foriegn country, visiting it first is an absolute must if you want to make sure that you're going to like the place.

    Both countries have some excellent schools and universities, the choice of country is irrelevant in this respect. Generally speaking, you'll find tuition fees are cheaper in the UK, but the cost of living is often lower in the US.

    I may be wrong, but you seem to be under the illusion that money will get you a place at the top schools and universities and assume that you'll get accepted into the 'top' schools and universities. This is not the case.

    Feel free to post any more specific questions!
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    Personally I would go for the UK, as to be quite frank, the British government will give you absoloutly everything for nothing, as they have many other asians that have come in to the country. For the record, i'm saying how it is, not being racist.

    I'm not sure how the US offers, but the UK has one of the best universities in the world, Oxford. But to get in to Oxford you need to be a student, the best of the best. Of 10,000 people that would apply to get in, maybe not even 100 would even qualafie to get in. They want nothing but A's and A*'s in all subjects, and perfect school reports.

    There are other good top universities too, such as Cambridge, and Queens university in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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    thanx a lot ....
    any other comments
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    The top comment is arse-talk. There are MANY countries in Asia which have lesser tuition fees than England and still has good quality education.

    If one is so desperate to get into Oxbridge, i wouldn't bother applying it for undergraduate unless, as wilson said, you have straight As. (i personally think it is ridiculous). But you can just enter as a post graduate if you REALLY want the reputation that much to do your Ph.D.
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