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UK student, US grad school

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    I'm currently an undergraduate student in the UK, and would like to go to grad school in America. I've seen a lot of people say that doing REUs is important to get into a good grad school, but undergraduate research is not very common in the UK, other than a project in the final year which really isn't research. Another thing is that all the schools I've looked at ask for three references, and I only know one professor (my tutor) who would be able to provide a meaningful reference. I have one and a half years left as an undergrad, so I will probably be able to develop a relationship with one more professor, but that would still give me only two referees. Any advice? Are there any former UK undergrads here studying in the US?
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    Presumably you have to do a project/dissertation in your final year, so there's a second reference. Also, final year classes are in general smaller, so you will be able to get to know a lecturer of one of those classes better than a big first year class. Actively try and talk to the lecturer: go to office hours and discuss your work. That way, you can get a more meaningful reference off him.
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