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UK/US Laptop

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    I'm going to buy a new laptop within the next few days. I only need a low spec so I expect to pay about £500 -£600.

    However I'm also going to America at the end of October so I'd like to take it with me. Do I just need an adaptor to charge it up over there, I assume it will take longer, or will I need a different transformer?

    Also would I be better waiting and buying one from America, I think they're cheaper over there but does that include duties/taxes?
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    The adapter for my laptop takes either US 120VAC/60Hz or European 220VAC/50Hz. You will need a plug adapter so you can use our small plug socket
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    Depends where you buy it over here. Its going to be cheaper obviously, but depending on where you buy it from, the taxes compared to the UK might be only 50% less or you may pay no taxes at all depending on which state you buy it from. Here in California, sales tax (what you would call VAT) is almost hte highest in the nation at about 8% on average ... but, for example, next door in Nevada, they don't even have a sales tax!
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    Thanks guys,
    I'll look and see if the adaptor is switchable before I buy. I've decided to buy in the UK, which means I can spend more time in Florida at the theme parks and I'll have my laptop with me for when we're delayed at the airport waiting for hurricane Ziggy to blow over!
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