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Ulternate realitys

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    could someone give me some information on the quantum theory on ulternate realitys
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    Ya mean, Moltiple Wurld interpretations ? :biggrin:

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    no not realy i mean that
    say if you said yes to a question in one realty in another you would say no and in another you would have never been asked the question at all.
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    That is the multiple world interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics that Patrick mentioned. Instead of branching every time there's a yes-no alternative, as in many science fiction parallel world stories, MWI branches every time there's a "reduction of the wave function" to more than one eigenvalue. It amounts to the same thing; there are worlds where everything that didn't happen here happened.
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    You wouldn't happen to know Abia Ubong, would you?
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