Ultimate Fighter

  1. Ultimate Fighter!!!

    Has any1 been following the Ultimate Fighter series on Spike Tv? If so,
    who do you think will win the middleweight and light heavyweight
    championships this saturday? I´m going for Forrest and Diego. The
    SHAMROCK match will be sickkkkk. For those who don´t know, this dude
    was named "the world´s most dangerous man". So being able to watch him
    fight live and free is an awesome thing (probably once in a
    lifetime...this stuff is alwaysss 50 bucks on ppv). Any1 else been
    following the show?

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  3. I have been watching it. I thought it was going to be ppv? Is it actually going to be on tv?
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    Isn't the average of IQ of those who watch Spike TV something like...

    (Shamrock's IQ)/ x = 50

    Note: I know who Shamrock is... some crazy white guy who didn't make it in wrestling.
  5. I'm bumping this old thread because the finale just ended and it was amazing. I didn't watch the series, just this last finale, and it was all recapped so it's all good. :) I'm glad both Griffin and Bonnar got contracts, they deserved them, although I think Bonnar should have won the fight.

  6. nah. Bonnar took round 2 but Forest won 1 and 3 by a narrow margin. But then again I wouldn't have complained even if it had went the other way. Awesome fight anyway.
    Florian had no business fighting a middleweight. He's a welterweight that could cut to lightweight. And it showed.
    Shamrock showed once again why he's one of the most overrated fighters in the history of mma. I'd rather not see him fight ever again.

    The broadcast was rediculous. About 20 minutes of fighting and 2 hours of self promotion and bull****?? Worse than the last UFC ppv which is bad.
  7. Personaly I think Bonnar won rounds 2-3. It was an incredible fight though. Both are tough sons of *****es that will do well in the UFC.

    Shamrock was great in his day, although i do agree a little overated but still a tough mofo back in his prime. Shamrock looked real old comming into this fight and left looking much older. I think its time for him to hang up his mitts. If you cant do the splits you probably shouldnt try kicking someone in the head that tall.
  8. Why do you two think Bonnar should have won? Round 3 was the decisive round and even though Bonnar landed some good shots Griffin's dominance in the clinch made him the winner in my eyes.
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