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Ultimate physics challenge - fun

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    Explain the physical process of the tongue action of a dog drinking water. State yr answer then watch the clip to see if you got it correct.

    Secret Life of Dogs: Alsatian dog drinking water …:
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    If they're anything like the dogs I've been around, the mechanism is, "insert half of head into water bowl and swallow".

    I think I've seen this before, so I refrained from answering.
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    Off topic but the physics of scent detection is based mainly on myth, experience and BS. A quantitative study to my knowledge has never been performed apart from macro field trials.

    For those that don't know scent detection is the best technology available for narc and bombs. The demand vastly outstrips supply around the world. Rats have been used to try fill the gap and work well for some apps.

    Sorry I own nose and security dogs couldn't help myself.

    Would love to read a paper one day on scent physics, I think aerosol physics might be the way in.
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    Puppies are awesome. Puppies.
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