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Ultra capacitor

  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    Ultra caps have come to Digikey ...YAY..
    you can now buy a 110 Farad capacitor with a working voltage of 2.5V for $31.20 in quantities of one..
    for more info google ' UltraCapacitor ' or the newest ' nanogate ultracapacitor.'
    or check out whats happening at Maxwell technologies
    lots of stuff to look foward to in the future..
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    the reason i posted that, was , ehem , *clears throat , hesitates*
    in the hope that soon somone with a lot of cash , will fund a lightning project..
    with ultra capacitors super low ESR ( equilivent series resistance ) on the order of a few tenths milli ohms, (0.18 milli ohms for the 5000 Farad version) it seems to me that ten thousand of them stacked upon each other would only equal 1.8 ohms.. i realize that 10k @ 2.5V only eqals 25,000V ..
    Howcome lightning arresters are only rated @ 6 k V ?
    there really isnt much new data out there on lightning , same old sites..
    although i havnt checked the U of Florida site lately.
    anyway yes lightning is on the order of millions of volts , but is it really ?
    what i mean is it must loose some of its voltage traveling through the atmosphere..
    with todays super fast electronics , you would think that we could detect an over-voltage situation and quickly switch out to ground when the bank is full..
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