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Ultra-high density magnetic fields.

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    It seems that a great deal of research has and is being conducted with regards to generating magnetic fields of enormous density.
    What is the aim of this research, or is just "pure" research?
    In other words, is there any speculation that such fields locally distort space-time or could potentialize other "exotic" conditions?
    Also, in any event, is there a theorectical limit as to how dense a magnetic field can become?
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    Just a quick response ... there was a Scientific American article a while ago on Magnetars, which are neutron stars with enormously strong magnetic fields. IIRC, all kinds of interesting physics is likely to happen in these regimes, which are so far from anything achieved on Earth to date that we may never be able to generate such strong fields 'in the lab'. Among the many interesting new physical effects is vacuum birefringence (another example).
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    EM fields indeed distort spacetime since their energies contribute to stress tensors in GR.Same holds for magnetic field only.Speed of light is slower in magnetic fields as well as in electric field presence.
    Speaking of other "exotic" conditions ,the effects that are measurable, generally higher the field density and it's nonuniformity (magnetic or electric or any field for that matter) higher the probability that "exotic" events can occur.For instance,in fields virtual particles pop out of vacuum and if the fields are strong enough they can give them enough energy to materialize before they dissapear again.
    Various materials show interesting properties in high magnetic fields and the interest for generating them in labs
    is also purely technological.
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    Fascinating. I can only imagine that a great deal of discovery and technological application will someday be afforded through this.
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    There's no doubt of it.Besides high magnetic field is in principle technologically easier to create than high electrical fields (but harder to "tame").Of course,mankind will probably never be capable of generating something like neutron star field with >1o,ooo,ooo T.Natural labs..they are the most fascinating ones.
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