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Ultra pure H2O

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    Are there any techniques out there to make ultra pure H2O?
    Reverse osmosis looks interesting, but it doesn't make ultra pure H2O.
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    Hello, although I do not have the answer on the chemical techniques of making pure water, cp or "chemically pure" is the grade you are looking at. Google this and manufacture processes are given for various substances.
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    Depends on how "pure" you want it...

    In our lab, we make about 10 megaohm-cm water using a charcoal filter, RO chamber and a DI column. The theoretical limit is about 18 megaohm-cm, and RO water is typically about 1 megaohm-cm.

    If you want close to 18 meg water, you'd best buy yourself a DI unit (Millipore, for example).
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    Are there any interesting doctoral topics I could research? Like problems with some kinds of instruments, problems with some components, improvements in the large scale industry?
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    It would seem that a multiple-stage distillation process would do the job.
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    I am thinking of making an inventory about all materials with all parameters like T, P, time, diameter, velocity, material to make experiments about the erosion of material in the ultrapure water.

    Both stockage and transport of UPW is a problem nowadays. But I don't know if there are inventories about this already...
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    One Word, Distillation.
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    Here's another word: wrong. Try removing chlorine from water by distillation.
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