Ultra Strong Small Magnet

  1. Hello everyone,

    i am seeking for an ultra strong cylinder neodymium N52 magnet or something stronger if it exists(i know N52 is the strongest ^^) with these dimensions :

    length : 2-3cm

    diameter : 0.7 mm

    I have searched and talked with many companies but either they require a huge amount or they tell me it is impossible to make such a magnet , as it would be extremely fragile.

    My questions:

    1. Do you know any company which can provide me with such magnetS? (10 would work)

    2. Is it possible to produce such an electromagnet with such a strong magnetic field with the dimensions formentioned?

    Thank you!
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  4. i have looked into this site before too!their diameter is too big!

    So no electromagnets can work for it!
  5. adjacent

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    Why do you specifically need a magnet of that dimension?
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