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Ultrashort laser pulses (is this the right forum)?

  1. Jan 26, 2009 #1

    im currently trying to learn about ultrashort laser pulses. particularly in the areas of group velocity dispersion etc etc.

    now im pretty happy with the basics. modelocking a laser to give a dirac comb of finite pulse trains etc. im happy with the mathematical description of an individual pulse as a gaussian amplitude envolpe supported by a carrier frequency (arrives logically from considering beats etc. and extending to a contrinuous range)

    however ive just started looking at temporal and spectral phase of the pulse. and then also the related quantities of instantatneous frequency and group delay.

    instantaneous frequency is fairly intuitive, and i know given that spectral phase is pretty much the FT counterpart of the temporal phase (give or take) and group delay is the FT equivalent of instantaneous freq. however, im having trouble conceptually grasping what the spectral phase means. particularly when placed in a taylor expansion. any good book recomendations or something.

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