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Ultrasonic frequencies

  1. Dec 11, 2011 #1
    I understand it's possible to cross two ultrasonic frequencies one with sound modulating in it possibly in ssb format to recreate the original sound at the point the two cross. I think someone is using this trick to harass me. The sound appeared to be on the other side of a party wall at first, then it seemed to be directed at fixed points in my home (I was able to record it at first so it was sound not psychosis) Then it got a lot closer to me. It seems to dominate my hearing like someone shouting in my ear. This is where it gets weirder. I suspect it may be embedded with something else - a subliminal suggestion? It seems to me my emotions are being affected (possibly my perception too). I feel childlike/ passive and my skin stings for no reason. I am not psychotic - I'm a mental health professional so hopefully I know the difference - but something is going on and it must have an explanation. Can anyone help me figure this out please?
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    I would suggest you get your ears checked. Your ears can do funny things, even if you only have a common ear infection.
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