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Ultraviolet curing

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    will putting titanium or carbon under ultraviolet light in a chamber make it much stronger, i seen a thing on 'nanotubes' but these are tiny pieces of tubular metal and they arent very usefull for my project, im sure they was something simular to nanitubular technology but for lerger amounts of metal.

    the chosen metal needs to be stronger than its original state (after i purchase it)
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    Hi SNIPE, welcome to PF!

    No, exposing metals or carbon to UV will not improve strength. UV can strengthen certain specially designed polymers by crosslinking them or by building long polymer chains. But metals atoms are already locked together in a relatively rigid crystal lattice.

    The most common way to strengthen an already-prepared metal sample is to cold work it. But not knowing your application or what you have in mind, it's hard to be more specific.
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