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UMICH Fuding for MS

  1. Aug 9, 2010 #1

    I am from India and I would like to apply for an MS degree in Atmospheric sciences in UMICH. I was going through their website and found that there are no specific financial aid for international students. Is this really the case? Or are there any obscure schlorships or financial aid progs that i can apply to?

    Please let me know!!

    - Subashini
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    Vanadium 50

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    Shouldn't you be asking them?

    If someone here says one thing and they say another, who is right?
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    I know.. and i have asked them too.. was just wondering if anybody knows anything here..

    Thanks anyways..
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    Assuming that "UMICH" is University of Michigan, you need to understand that financial assistance for foreign students at US universities at the undergraduate level are either non-existent or are extremely limited. So this is not confined to just the University of Michigan. Most US schools, unless there is some specific private funds being allocated, do not have specific financial assistance for foreign students.

    However, since you are going for postgraduate education, you should ask about teaching assistantships. This again depends very much on the department, how much money they have, and how many they are already giving out to existing graduate students. Incoming and new graduate students typically will have a tougher time competing for the limited availability of such assistantships.

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