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UML to C++ IDE?

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    Does anyone know of any free IDE that can generate C++ code from "drawing" in UML?
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    I heard of something that does that with Java, relating to Eclipse (maybe a plugin) but I do not remember the details.
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    For Java there are quite a few UML tools (Omondo, ArgoUML, everthing but the kitchen sink Visual Paradigm and many others), they can aswell generate code from the diagrams. As C++ goes try to ask Oncle Google if he knows any UML tools that generate C++ code.
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    If you are using Visual Studio (I know its not free but it is popular and you might know someone with a copy) it comes with a UML toolkit since 2003 iirc, although it might be new to 2005. I never use the thing and am at work where I can't check exactly where it is on Start Menu etc... but it does exist. I have never used these tools so they might not support vanilla C++ and only C++ .net considering how Microsoft generally are like that. It might come with the free version on Visual C++ .net too, but I can't be sure without downloading it as there appears to be little information on the ms webpage about it...


    Hope this is somehow useful...
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