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Ummm where would I go?

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    A while ago I made a thread where people ended up saying I might have like ADD or something and I should get checked out. If I wanted to do something about that, what kind of doctor would I go see? A psychiatrist? Or is there someone else, like a therapist or something?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Go see your GP first. He/she can refer you to a specialist.
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    Last time I went to my GP I had an appointment for 12:30 and didn't get seen until 2:30.

    I guess I could try again, but... :(
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    I agree with MIH: your GP should be your first port of call for something like this (in fact for most things medical orientated). S/he will be able to refer you to a suitable expert.
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    So I'm guessing they need to refer me to someone who also works with my insurance, right? I can't just go anywhere they tell me to go, or is this something I need to find out before hand?

    Also, if I get a list of people who are OK'ed by my insurance, can't I just go directly to one of them?
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