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    why is our way of resolving conflicts in the UN and others so diplomatic ?
    like for example it took 8 years for Europe to get Libya de deliver the Bulgarian medical workers
    If you never really agress an agressor , hes going to take advantage of you
    I think that if we were a bit more agressive, ect (not too a too far extent) the agressors will fear you, and not agress you
    I am not talking about terrorism, thats something different, im talking about :
    - North Korea
    - Libya
    - Iran , you need to show them that you are ready for anything to stop them from having the bomb, and not just like keep hoping in front of their new Nuclear installations
    - ect; ect

    the thing is to avoid war, by showing to the agressor that your not scared of declaring war on them, not scared of sending them nuclear missiles
    to show them that you are not weak
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