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Un turn Railway turntable

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    Me and my friend are working on an old railway turntable for a museum, but we run into some problems. We need to know the force we needed to turn it with an electric motor, after spending a week trying with angular momentum we hit a dead end.
    The train that going to use the turn table wegint 150ton and the turntable organiseert self is about12ton,19.8m long in the end we came up with some ridiculous numbers. Anybody have any suggestions on how should we do this? It wil be a great help.
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    Approximately 2 manpower :

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    The largest load is going to be the polar inertial torque resistance of the combined the engine and the turntable weight plus the mechanical friction resistance of the turntable wheels. After that the friction elements will be the only resisting force. Doing a proper classical analysis of the polar inertia is going to be difficult due to all of the elements of the turntable and the unequal weight distribution of the engine relative to the centerline of the table rotation.

    See the below and just keep scanning (there are no page nos. for reference) to see that according to this reference, a 10 to 15 HP electric tractor was generally acceptable for turning a table. It also discusses the wheel/bearing resistance as well (more scanning).

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