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UN Vote for ban on Cloning

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    http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/science/03/08/cloning.un.reut/index.html [Broken]

    Bush is at it again...

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    No way! I think a ban on reproductive cloning is right, but a ban on therapeutic cloning (to create stem cells)?
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    Would you say America would not be so 'objective' of cloning if it weren't for Goerge bush?
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    It must suck for scientists to put up with this ****. They have been putting up with it for 1000's of years, and yet brought so much to the world. Even so, they still give them **** everyday.

    People say "Thank God!", but did they ever think of thanking scientists?
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    That article didn't make much of a reference to Bush. It was his administration that initially attempted to broaden the ban on human cloning several years ago, but this proposal for passed by 84 nations, mostly nations that are staunchly Catholic, in support of Pope John Paul II's call for a ban on all cloning.
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    Thank God. Could you imagine what the population would be if scientist were allowed to figure out cures to all of these diseases.
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    True we don't need more people living longer and longer, but it would be nice if all these people who are living longer were living healthier. (I'm thinking quality of life, not to mention rising medical/insurance costs.)

    As for the fundamentalists, it seems we are going back into the Dark Ages (religion always trys to thwart science, because religion thrives on ignorance). Wasn't everyone making a big deal about organ donors/replacement etc. not long ago...? I guess there will be a battle over every new discovery.
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