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Un zipping files compatible with suse 9.1?

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    can anyone suggest the best program to use for un zipping files compatible with suse 9.1?
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    I'd be surprised if you don't have one installed already. From the command line type

    unzip file to unzip

    you can type

    man unzip from the terminal to get the switches. Default behavior is to extract the file you are trying to unzip in the current directory though.

    If you don't have unzip, you can find it in YaST by searching using the keyword unzip.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks i will give it a try.
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    What's suse 9.1?

    I like winrar for unzipping files.

    It understands rar, zip, cab, arj, lzh, ace, tar, gzip, uue, bz2, jar, and iso formats, and the user can control which of the above file types iit's associated with.

    The only problem with it is that its not free.
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    Suse 9.1 is a Linux Distro. It's completly and totally different than Windows in every way shape and form.
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    Bar it runs on computer hardware and is coded in C (or some C varient)

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