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Unable to copy pics

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    I m unable to copy pics from this site…when I right click and save it , it gets saved as a blank gif file …is there any way I can save it???
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    Re: unable 2 copy pics

    What OS are you using? Obviously, getting any helpful instructions is going to require you to loosen up a little bit and give information about your system.
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    Re: unable 2 copy pics

    It's possible that the creator of the site placed a transparent image over top of the one you were trying to download.
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    Re: unable 2 copy pics

    i am using windows XP and the site from which i am unable to copy is a social networking site ORKUT
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    Re: unable 2 copy pics

    View the page source and find the filename of the image. If you don't want to look through the html, you could save the entire page and look for the image in the folder that is created for that page's files.
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    I saved the page and luked into the folder accompanying it but all the other pics on that page were there except the one I was trying to save…any suggestions sir ??????
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    Was the picture you were trying to save animated...?
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    no it was a normal gif pic
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