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Unable to edit own posts?

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    I've been trying to edit one of my posts (to make the equations more eligible), but the 'edit' button doesn't appear?
    Yet still does for my other threads?
    Any idea why this would be?
    Do threads time out after a few days?

    And, yes, I am fairly bad with computers

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    I think the edit facility is turned off 24 hours after posting.It's good to know there's someone else bad with computers.:smile:
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    Edit is sometimes abused (like when people remove things that were pointed to them as wrong, making everyone else in the thread look like an idiot). That's why they can be edited only for a limited period of time.
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    You only have 24 hours in which to edit. if you need to clarify a question just make another post. If you wish to edit a mistake in the original post and you can no longer edit yourself, then report the post and tell the mentors what edits you would like to make and we can do it for you.
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    thanks so much everyone
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