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Bug Unable to log-in

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    I received an e-mail from Kevin_Axion stating that he is unable to log-in for a couple of days now. Is this a known problem?? Is there a way so he can contact Greg to see what's going wrong??

    I know chat works independently from the forums, so I'll try to get him on the chat. Maybe that works...
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    Have him delete his cookies and retry.
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    It worked, thanks.
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    This is what helps makes PF such a fantastic place. Helping a family member. You're the man Greg.
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    I come in irregularly, but I came in today due to the newsletter. The newsletter mentions issues logging in, so I logged in to check.

    By the way, I can confirm that logging in works fine in Firefox on Kubuntu Linux with the Lastpass password manager. I didn't see any specific thread related to login issues.
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