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Unable to read a cd drive

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    Hi, today I tried to open a cd with my cd/dvd - rw drive and I got the error:
    "Access denied - incorrect function"
    I know it's not a hardware problem because I can read and write to dvd's and cd's that I burn with my computer - I only have a problem with cd's burned on a different computer (using nero 8 by the way).
    After looking around the web I found that it might help if I right-click on the D drive (the cd/dvd drive) and go to properties->recording and check "enable recording on this drive".
    I did that and now I don't get the error but windows explorer tells me the disk is empty!
    I tried to think of any changed I made to the computer before this happened and remembered that I'd cleaned out some old programs including "express burn". Could that have caused the problem? If so, how can I fix it? What else could be causing this?
    (the computer is a R50e ibm laptop running windows xp)
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    My cd drive sometimes can't read DVD that burn from the downloaded movie. Try the external cd drive and test that cd, if error still appears, it means there's something wrong with the cd. If not, obviously it's your driver.
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