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Medical Unbalanced body

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    I have a unbalanced body and have done for 10 plus years maybe longer.
    i think a combination of things has done it one i am from young age racket sports mad tennis and squash etc so
    my right hand side has always been stronger than my left.
    Also years ago when gym equipment when it was not individual arms but just for both i think that my right side has
    executed the exercise properly but the left side has just been trying to support the strong right and causing my right body to look completely different and the muscles are completely different too with biceps, pecs, shoulders
    and also my shoulder does the lifting for my right side as my left side is not formed properly.
    I have gone to a newly qualified doc in the uk and physio but they side yes my shoulder is bigger but nothing else wrong.
    my left side hurts too if i go to the gym or driving a car anything that is over a long period of time.
    this has been with me for 10 years plus gets me down i am not sure what to do now.
    wether i should have a body scan.
    anyone have any ideas it is much appreciated.
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    Welcome to the PF, Gareth.

    One of the rules here at the PF (see the sticky thread in the Feedback forum) is that we cannot provide medical advice here. You are doing the right thing talking to a doctor about your questions. Perhaps you should try a more sports-oriented doctor -- they should be able to help you figure this out. Best wishes.
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