Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories: Delve into the Craziest Ideas!

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In summary, the conversation discusses various silly and outlandish conspiracy theories, such as blue toothpaste causing telepathic signals and street names being secret directions for spies. One of the ideas mentioned is that Hitler is actually flying around in a time machine disguised as aliens. Another theory involves the number 666 being a key to a secret underground city called Hell. The conversation also briefly mentions a moon hoax thread and a video of people swimming with sharks.
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the tree said:
What is the stupidest, most unlikely, needlessly complicated and generaly crazy conspiracy theory that you can think of?
Here's some pretty tame ideas, see if you can beat them.

* The little flakes in blue toothpaste that get called whitening strips don't actually whiten the teeth but emmit a telephathic signal of whiteness.
* House and street names are part of an incredibly complicated mechanism for portraying directions for spies/aliens/goverment-people to get to a series of super secret research facilities.
* The number 666 is a key left by acient Egyptions to get into a large underground city known as Hell which is actually a really cool place, with clean water, free hospitals and pretty flowers throughout.

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I'm glad that I'm not soluble
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A stupid one I've heard is that aliens and UFOs are really Hitler flying around in a time machine.
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Yah, that 666 one is real complicated...
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I made the mistake of feeding the trolls on a 'moon hoax' thread (>___<)

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setAI said:
I made the mistake of feeding the trolls on a 'moon hoax' thread (>___<)

Any chance you are one of the guys who starred in the video where they swim among sharks with strips of raw meat attached to them? :smile:

1. What is the stupidest conspiracy theory you have heard?

The stupidest conspiracy theory I have heard is the belief that the world is flat. This theory has been debunked by scientific evidence and is not supported by any credible sources.

2. Why is the flat earth conspiracy theory considered stupid?

The flat earth conspiracy theory is considered stupid because it goes against basic scientific principles and has been disproven by centuries of scientific research and evidence. It also goes against common sense and basic observations of the world around us.

3. Are there any other examples of stupid conspiracy theories?

Yes, there are many other examples of stupid conspiracy theories, such as the belief that the moon landing was faked, that the government is hiding the existence of aliens, and that vaccines cause autism. These theories lack evidence and are not supported by reputable sources.

4. How do conspiracy theories originate?

Conspiracy theories often originate from individuals or groups who have a distrust of authority or mainstream narratives. They may also arise from a desire to make sense of confusing or complex events, leading to the creation of false explanations.

5. Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?

There are various reasons why people may believe in conspiracy theories, such as a lack of trust in institutions and government, a need for a sense of control and understanding in uncertain situations, and a desire to feel special or part of a select group that knows the "truth". However, believing in conspiracy theories can also be harmful as it can lead to the spread of misinformation and distrust in legitimate sources of information.