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UNC charlotte engineering

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    I am a freshman right now in the mechanical engineering program at uncc. I was wondering if anyone has heard good things about this school. I am already hear and im kind of biased now so, has anyone heard anything else.
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    now im getting real sketched out because no one has said anything. my life would be meaningless if i leave this school without a high paying job, and i forsee this in my future.
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    I know a few people who attended UNCC, both for computer science. The CS department there is supposed to be quite good, and I understand engineering is pretty decent there, also. Admittedly, NCSU is the best public engineering school in the state, but if you're happy at UNCC, I wouldn't bother moving.

    - Warren
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    i dont think ncsu has mechanical engineering. and does the school matter that much when finding a job?
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    What do you want to do with mechanical engineering?
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    Ok, looks like a real interesting discussion going on here.

    I would like 'Old Union' to elaborate on his comment "does the school matter that much when finding a job?" Are you trying to say that the school from where you graduated doesn't matter much. All you need to know is the Engineering Stuff/ I mean the knowledge, and how you can apply? ( How well you know )
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    What i mean to say is that my school is not MIT. At mit i could graduate and get an excellent job just because of this institution. When i graduate here im not so sure.
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    Go for masters at MIT then!
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    Easier said then done. :rolleyes:
    Working hard and doing very well in school will guarantee you a job, while it may not get you the best job.
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