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Uncertain on which subjects to take for career in Physics research

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    G'day everyone,

    I haven't posted in the forums for quite a while.
    I just wanted to get some advice on coursework for my Honours year of study. The year is structured with 1 semester of coursework (6 units) and 1 semester of research. I started mid-year last year and will be doing coursework very soon.
    The research topic mainly covered theoretical aspects (through simulations) of phase contrast imaging and image segmentation, and I did apply the formalism to some experimental data. I thoroughly enjoyed the simulations and applications to data, but still unsure if I would go down this path.
    The topics I have chosen for coursework are: Quantum, Advanced Quantum, General Relativity, Data Reconstruction, QFT I, undecided between QFT II and Electron Diffraction. I was leaning more towards Electron Diff, since this will give me a broader scope.

    So, I was just wondering is it common occurrence for people to be unsure on what to specialise in? I do enjoy the whole field of physics, but just unsure where to devote my time and effort into. Will it be easier to decide after I have had a taste of the coursework? Any tips in deciding?


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