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Uncertainty from mean and rms?

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    Dear Reader,

    Earlier I posted a topic on the uncertainty of a function that is F = os - ss , where os and ss are opposite-sign and same-sign, and are both binomial distributions. I want to know the uncertainty of my F,

    I have found a equation for the mean, and rms of my function which are:

    N(total) * (2*prob(os) -1 ) for the mean and

    2 * SQRT { N(total) * prob(os) * (1 - prob(os)) } for the rms

    where N(total) = os+ss

    Is it possible to get an equation for the variance or uncertainty from the given information?

    Thank you for reading

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    I am not sure what you are looking for. However rms is simply the square root of the variance.
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    I am looking for the square root of the variance, and if it is as you state the rms equation I have, then thank you.
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