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Homework Help: Uncertainty in physics problems

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    Can anyone help me how to find uncertainty in values? I did a lab on position-time graph. And I have to find uncertainty in soem of the values. My teacher showed me a shortcut on how to find uncertainty of average velocity. But I did not understand that?

    I graphed a position-time graph by the motion of the puck. Then by the help of values i prepared a velocity-time graph. Now I have to find the uncertainty in
    x original i.e. x = 0 cm ,

    then in delta x i.e. ∆x = 2.1 cm (the values were x = 1.2 cm and 3.3 ± 0.1 cm),

    in average velocity v = 16.2 cm/s (values of x were 0 cm and 3.3 cm and values of time were 0.0 ses and 0.2 sec.

    Please atleast show me the formula on how to find it, i will figure out the answer afterwards. Or the answer would be extra bonus for me.

    If more information needed, i would give out then.

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