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Uncertainty in values from Matlab Curve Fitting

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    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, but after much searching with no luck...

    I am taking a lab class, the first in a while, and am using Matlab's Curve Fitting tool to fit data to exponential curves.

    My question is how to translate (if possible) the "goodness of fit" data it returns into uncertainties in the returned coefficients.

    For example, this is an exponential decay of the form:


    I need to report the returned value for b with an uncertainty.

    I have not had much schooling in statistics or error analysis, just a couple lectures 2 years ago covering sig figs and least squares. I'm just thinking that with all Matlab's Curve Fitting Toolbox can do, there has to be a way to produce an uncertainty for the coefficients.

    Thank you,
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