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Uncertanty principal and repulsion forces of quark & gluons 2 question

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    in the atom if you try to look into a neutron for example you would see the quark/gluon triangle but if you use a wave length to spot it won't the uncertanty princable make the particles change there location and so disrupt the nucleus and rips it apart. is that possible?

    Question 2

    is there any repulsion forces between the quark/gluon triangle that makes a proton apart from electrons and neutrons?
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    The only way to effectively study the internal structure of hadrons is to study the scattering that results from collisions of hadrons.

    The strong force does not cause any repulsion within systems that are color-neutral. The weak force, however, causes decay of hadrons into more stable hadrons. This is the reason behind the neutron decaying into a proton, electron, and neutrino. There was no repulsion; a down quark simply changed flavor into an up quark, resulting in the emmission of a W- boson that then decayed rapidly into an electron and a neutrino.
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