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News Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

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    There is a 1-hour documentary on the Iraq War (mainly a critique on the justifications) called Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War. A plethora of intelligence officers from the CIA, agents of the Foreign Service, and Presidential advisors counter the claims that the administration made regarding Iraq. The level of deception is really quite amazing and disgusting. You can download the movie with Bittorrent with these links:

    High-quality (560 megs):
    Low-quality (140 megs): truth about the Iraq War-avi(1).torrent
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    The Truth Hurts...

    Thanks for the link to that Download!

    I was about to order that Vid, but you've saved me the trouble.
    Thanks a lot!

    Hopefully, a lot of USA/UK/AUS citizens will have the courage to watch it...
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    I'm on dial-up... :(
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    I don't think that this thread has gotten enough attention. I really suggest to anyone to download this movie to see the level of deception practiced by this administration.
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    I'm on dial-up as well. Not because I'm too cheap to get a faster connection..but because out here..in the backwoods..that's all that is available..in fact we are often feeling very lucky to have phone service!

    So, if you don't mind sharing content..You could start with whether or not the film shows Wilson as an honest broker or a Liar.
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    most of this documentry was interviews of people who gathered or analyzed information (lot of cia people and people to do with weapons inspections) and how they thought that the information used in support of the war in iraq was taken out of context and the reasons why the things that sounded compelling are so weak. the main theme i saw in this was that the bush administration desided to go to war way before they had any reason too

    if any people can be singled out as responsible for this misinformation they and anyone around them are in for it
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    It does not portray Wilson as a liar. I suppose that you find him to be one because the right-wing bash machine has attacked him for daring to speak contrary to the president.

    Most of the movie goes through the claims and "evidence" that the administration presented in making the case for war regarding WMDs.

    The document that the bush admin relied upon was found to be a forgery. This was the document that piqued cheney's interest and led to Wilson's investigation. The IAEA found it to be a forgery. In fact, one of the IAEA workers said that the document was so poor that a simple google search could be used to confirm its falsehood. It contained the names of people in positions that they hadn't been in for over a decade and misspelled French words, among other glaring errors.

    Wilson's conclusion after visiting the areas was that the corporate and governmental structures in the region did not allow for such a transaction to happen without lots of signatures and wide knowledge of the event.

    In fact, references to this supposed Iraq-Niger link were taken out of a speech bush gave in Cincinnati, yet the infamous "16 words" made their way into his State of the Union address.

    The administration made hoopla about unaccounted for VX nerve agent and and anthrax. The fact is that the materials have shelf lives that have long since expired. An interesting fact is that while colin powell showed a white vial of powder at the UN when referring to Iraq's supposed anthrax stockpiles, what Iraq actually had back in 1991 (the last time that Iraq's possession of anthrax was verified) was a brown, smudgy liquid that had a shelf life of 2 months.

    Much of the intelligence that they relied upon came from the Iraqi National Congress. According to the movie, every piece of evidence that was made public and checkable was false or "self-serving" in the extreme. If you recall, the INC's leader, Ahmad Chalabi, was guilty of embezzling millions and later found to be giving information to Iran.

    The existence of mobile labs for chemical and/or biological agents was stated as fact by colin powell. Well, they checked them and they were used for hydrogen, not biological or chemical weapons. If you noticed, all they had were artists' renditions, not actual photos.

    One site that powell claimed was a "chemical wepaons bunker" was nothing of the sort. Scott Ritter had inspected the site a number of times. Why would they use a site that would be the first to be bombed or inspected?, Ritter asked. The "decontamination" vehicle at the site that powell referred to was actually a fire truck, according to Ritter.

    Many CIA intelligence analysts and others, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee, and many others spoke in the movie against the bush admin's shameful deception. An interesting guy was Ray McGovern of the CIA. Another one is John Dean, former White House cousel for Nixon and author of Worse Than Watergate (about this very topic).

    Also, powell showed in the UN a video of an Iraqi jet making a simulated anthrax drop. What he did not mention was that the jet was destroyed in 1991.

    Also, they mentioned the obvious fact that Iraq does not have missiles capable of reaching the US.
    Not mentioned in the movie is that Iraq has no navy to speak of to deliver the ridiculously slow and weak drone planes to the US that bush warned of. Come one, friggin' drone planes are a threat? Watch out, entire world with aviation!
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    Nice assumption. You do know what they say about assuming, don't you? At any rate, I was curious how they treated the Wilson situation and whether it jived with the 9-11 commissions findings. That's all.
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    Oops, sorry :(
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