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Under Fool In Dictionary See:

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    Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:


    Yes! The winners are the teens and kids who snorted the ashes of an old man's deceased wife! They stole the ashes in an URN, thinking... it was cocaine! Yes... all of that ashy cocaine in the elderly man's DECORATIVE URN.

    Did I mention that this old man, other than playing two or knick-knack on his shoe, just wanted to be cremated, and mingled with his wife's ashes? I think I might not have.

    Anyway, these kid idiots... or kidiots... snort some rails of PERSON, then realize what they may have done: snorted animal/human remains. So, being the genius moral paragons they are... boom, they toss the urn, and presumably the ashes.

    So, I guess my question is... WHAT?! There's no part of this case that doesn't make me want to give these kids irreversible vasectomies.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    I've known to never underestimate the stupidity of your average human, but now I need to learn to never underestimate the callousness and heartlessness of the average human, as well.

    Now, I don't find anything particularly sentimental about the specific ashes of an individual (sorry, the person you love is long gone before the cremation process is started), but it's important to someone; to simply discard those ashes is... just sick.

    Irreversible vasectomies? How about irreversible decapitation?
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Yeah... I agree with everything you've said; sadly the last time I made such a comment I received 3 points for "advocating an illegal act". I try to moderate my tone now, for the sake of he children. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I think living the rest of your life knowing you snorted someone's remains and broke an old man's heart should be a terrible burden on any person capable of experiencing empathy.

    As you say... these idiots might not have that capacity... Really... snorting someone's ashes because you think an old man is keeping a VAST cache of coke?! WOW.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Wouldn't that be the same as desecrating a grave?

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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    That's a good question...

    I think you could be prosecuted for desecrating human REMAINS, but honestly, crimes against the dead aren't usually a big area of legal activity.

    Idiots... hell yeah.

    I love the fact that they were thorough enough to look in an URN, yet stupid enough to conclude that the contents were drugs! Then, instead of "tasting" the damned stuff as in the movies, or whatever you actually do (I really don't know) they just get to snorting!?

    I WISH I could swear here... not much... just a little. Doug Benson (comedian) delivers a line that is priceless in situations like this, but it's OUT of line here.

    Those kids... I'm an atheist, I don't care if people eat my corpse, but this old man DOES care and really... what else does he have? Now he gets to live out his days knowing some punks snorted his wife's remains then tossed them!

    Honestly, I usually don't feel this angry, but the stupidity and callous behaviour together are just horrendous and inexcusable.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    I read it was his father and two dogs.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    It's a combination of cannibalism, grave robbing, intended drug abuse, desecration of human remains, and desecration of a human grave.

    I hope they throw the book at them... literally. This book:

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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Sorry, I'm mixing two cases!

    Yeah... sadly this isn't isolated.

    http://www.newsfirst5.com/news/wife-s-ashes-stolen-out-of-black-forest-man-s-home/ [Broken]

    or if you really want to be depressed:


    There are some truly horrific people out there, or very sick people; either way... ugh.

    Still, snorting them has to be a new low, although I remembered that there IS a connection between craving episodes in former CRACK addicts when they saw cigarette ashes. I'm wondering if there's a connection between some irrational drug-related behaviour in general, and ashes, because otherwise these people are just horrific sacks of crap.

    I can't find a reference for the crack-ashes issue, and "cocaine + ashes" is flooded by this story now. Lord, I may have to reference an actual BOOK!!!
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    According to the video, it was a woman's father and great Danes.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    These are the types of kids that turn down the TV because they can't taste their macaroni.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:


    @Danger: You may be right, but lets get real... these kids snorted human and animal remains, because they thought someone kept a large quantity of COCAINE in a green enamel urn. I don't care if it was someone's niece and a pony... still EWWW... still ******* stupid!
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    I suppose nasal amputation would be enough to prevent repeat offending.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Kids do stupid things, and while I think they should be taught a lesson. I doubt you want them dead, and if you do I'm sorry you feel that way because killing a human being is almost never okay.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:


    Bah, the horrifying punishments are in good fun. I'd say the kids are best off in some form of manual labor not taken by machines. Unfortunately, a lot of manual labor requires a degree of skill and patience these morons are not capable of....

    Oh! They can serve as test subjects on the effects of radiation and cosmic rays on humans in interplanetary space :tongue2:
  16. Jan 21, 2011 #15
    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Now that's the kind of thinking that gets grant money! You're right about the punishments... mostly. I was deadly serious about sterilization: those genes need to go no further! Can you imagine what amounts to their PARENTING skills?!

    @Speed: Stupid is stealing the ashes thinking their cocaine. Snorting them as a group is something else... and then tossing them away instead of leaving them to be found OR returning them is CRUEL.
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Certainly there is a good deal of satisfaction in calling others Stupid. Makes me feel better ;P.

    Do any of those that currently feel elation of superiority wish to relate the stupidest thing they ever did? Take your time. Think it over. Don't forget those early years.
  18. Jan 21, 2011 #17
    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    OK... this is easy, because to blunt... it was so stupid!

    I was young, but no young enough to be an excuse... call it around 12 or 13. My pal and I were bored senseless, got up to the kind of trouble that only leads to a mild scolding and "clean that mess up!"

    Somehow, and I was the problem in this situation, I decided that we were not in this mild non-situation, but a MAJOR PREDICAMENT... and naturally we would now, at this tender age... have to run away. On foot. IN A US SUBURB.

    Not dumb yet though...

    So we head off, ta-lala... with NOTHING, because our BIG PLAN is to hide for some indeterminate period of time in an old abandoned gas station.

    Not dumb enough.

    We decide that the only LOGICAL move, is to walk over 2 miles across some NASTY roads to STEAL cheerios and WATER from a friend. Now, by steal, I mean ask for water, then run out of the house with a box of cheerios; yeah, I've always been a master criminal. *facepalm*

    Not dumb enough.

    My DOG however, followed us, but how to keep her from rushing into the traffic?!... somehow I convinced by friend that we could NOT go back now (we'd been gone all of 5 minutes, and AFAIK hadn't yet been MISSED!), so I harvested a shoe-lace from his shoe... and used that as a leash.

    We head off on one of the FEW treks forbidden to pretty much everyone without a car or serious biking experience, with my dog on my friend's shoelace... FOR NO GOOD REASON. We made it to the "target" house, where my freind's mother was, to say the least... a little surprised to see this motley trio appear asking for water... and cheerios. (we decided theft was wrong even then...).

    Pretty dumb right? Keep reading.

    We get suspicious, like the two dumbest crooks you've ever seen robbing a house on CCTV, while the cops are literally surrounding the place. So, we bail, continue down the road, until... we see a familiar car... my mother's... approaching.

    Did I mention that by now, the shoe-lace was long gone, broken... and it was my friend, and my little dog on a CRAZY busy road, with snow on the ground, and no side-walks or space to walk?

    Not Dumb ENOUGH.

    My mother stops like a cop ready to take down a crack-dealer on a corner, and I just yell "RUN!". Yeah... our elusive asses couldn't escape her in HER CAR, but we're going to run through the woods, in the snow-fall... and escape... to WHAT?!

    So we bolt into the woods, dog now following... mother following and saying some things that were... upset. My friend trips over a log, and I actually exhorted him to GET UP and keep running... which he wisely didn't. Seeing him caught, I gave up, and I'm probably lucky that she didn't tackle me like a cop too!

    It was only as I recounted by "reasoning" along the way, including a desperate explanation of why I'd NEVER take the dog out off a leash on a busy road. It ended poorly.

    I've nearly died before, but not through stupidity... this is, in terms of my age and how I NORMALLY thought and behaved, a the DUMBEST thing I've done....


    So... these kids who snorted dog/person?... ARE ******* stupid.

  19. Jan 21, 2011 #18


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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Nismar, you should volunteer for some sort of surgical procedure.

    I'm at the point in this discussion where people have started taking everything to such literal extremes that I no longer care to discuss humorous of hyperbolic punishments.

    Let's just say I wish compulsory surgery upon them (the manner and type are moot).
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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:

    Three teens and two juveniles were arrested in the case, the sheriff's department said

    See, looks like they were real young. I know that from your perspective and mine, it would be a sick thing to do - but they didn't think like that - they were just .. KIDS !

    Irreversible vasectomies ? Decapitation ?

    Sheesh - when I was a kid, I did some very stupid things too - about as equally stupid. Didn't you ?
  21. Jan 21, 2011 #20


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    Re: Under "Fool" In Dictionary See:


    Uh, no... I did not conspire to ingest human remains in my quest for cocaine and subsequently discard those remains with great vigor in a fit of blind drug-lust fueled disappointment at any time during my childhood.

    Nor did I do anything "equally stupid."
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