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News Under God

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    I agree with the ruling. Having the schools lead it is compelling the students to subscribe to the belief.

    I, personally, am against compelling students to take an oath of any nature. But I guess I haven't a problem with returning the Pledge to it's secular pre-McCarthy form.
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    Why can't people just get over this? It's two stupid words you don't even have to recite. It's against my religion to even say the plegde but I'm not offended by it.
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    I'm not so sure schools need to be compelling student to pledge their allegiance to America even. But if they are going to make kids say it, then at least taking out the under god part is a good start...
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    Yah I also agree with this ruling. Something about simply uttering the word "God" doesn't make sense when your pledging allegiance to a nation founded out of religious principles.... It's no wonder there are so many forced-conversion christians out there since our children have to say God once in a pledge they don't understand and don't care about and don't do half the time. Good thing the father made the kid lie to get his face into the news in the first place....

    end sarcasm.
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    Just out of curiousity, how much money have we wasted because of this?
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    The nation was founded under the idea of freedom of and from religion. To require students to swear to "One nation, under God" is a logical contradiction.

    If it's "just two stupid words" why the big fuss?
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    Being a man of faith I was never bothered by the mention of God; but all the same, I aprecate the ruling out of respect for those who feel otherwise.

    I'm curious as to what you are referring to?
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    I think it's resonable. People who do not want to believe in god- and want to raise their children the same way- is their choice. and they shouldn't be forced to say the same line every day, if it's against their beliefs
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    The "under God" was added to the pledge long after the founding of our nation. Though "God" is a generic reference, I agree it should not be compulsory because many Americans are agnostic and of course some are atheist. People are getting tired of the religious right pushing their personal agenda, and pushing the envelope in regard to it, resulting in backlash that will become more intense if they keep it up.
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    The nation was founded on freedom from Catholicism... not from religion.

    Good point. Why must it be taken out if its just two stupid words. I mean aren't atheists suppose to be telling their kid "God doesn't exist"? What is this crap about forcing religion on someone? When my high school use to do these dumb radio-station deal things every friday or so playing all rap music, I didn't fly off the handle and run to buy the latest Nelly CD. I was forced to listen (why the hell would you put huge ass speakers next to a LIBRARY... ugh, im glad im outa there) to it but I didn't feel like rap was being forced on me. Same deal here. Its a word, not a mental-reprogramming.
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    TRCSF didn't suggest that it was just two stupid words, but rather simply pointed out that you did.
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    I did?

    more characters!!!
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    Well apparently that is the impression he got, hence the quotes to separate it as not being his own belief but something saw in your comments. I gathered the same from your sarcasm.
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    Were you compelled to sing Nelly? Is Nelly a religious icon or deity? Did you mention your displeasure to the principle? Was a Nelly lyric added to the pledge as a means of combating communism?

    Man alive, your argument is weak to say the least.
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    Oh, and I meant to address this earlier:
    Freedom from imposed religion would be more correct, both in regard for our Founding Fathers rejection of the Church of England as well as the ruling on the pledge.
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    My kids are being taught and expected to sing "God Bless America" at their public school.

    This is even more egregious to me than the "Under God" phrase.
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    Where do you live? Have you contacted the ACLU?
  20. Sep 15, 2005 #19

    Pengwuino, it would be a lot easier to take you seriously if you understood the basics of American history.
  21. Sep 15, 2005 #20
    I haven't. I thought about having a word with the principal, but she's one scary *****. Flyers for Vacation Bible School came home in the backpacks last spring, as well.

    I'm in Ventura County. What would ACLU do?
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