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Undergrad Annoyance

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    I'm a junior in college right now and I'm getting extremely frustrated with one of my classes this semester - "Thermal Physics". When I read the textbook, I find the material to be interested, however when it comes to problem sets I don't even understand what the questions are asking for sometimes. This is the first time I've ever come across a physics class where I felt lost. Has anyone else run into similar issues? Could it possibly be just the way the material is presented? Any suggestions on how to deal with this class?
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    What book are you using?

    I'm in my first quarter of Thermal Physics right now.
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    Kittel and Kroemer - Thermal Physics, 2nd Edition. We're only very loosely following the book, however. The problem sets usually consist of 4 problems, 1 of which is from Kittel and Kroemer. I'm really having problems with more complex uses of thermodynamic identitities. I don't understand when it's beneficial to replace one differential element with another.
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    talk to ur teacher ..he or she might havea suggestion.... he or she may suggest another book,,if ur not using theirs ...but talk to them anywayz.
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    That's complete normal to not get a course.

    The best thing to do is what michaelsmith said. You never know what kind of insight they might give you.
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