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  1. Apr 3, 2010 #1
    I'm interested in genetic engineering. I'm not entirely certain what major that falls under. I'm looking at molecular genetics now, but I'm not positive that's the right one. Most colleges offer a genetics program, is that the same thing? I'm currently looking for 4-year undergraduate colleges and am open to suggestions. Any ideas on ones that are strong in genetics and have good professors?

    I am also hoping to dual major in nanotech, or at least take some courses in it.

    For reference:

    Math - 800
    Reading - 730 (I'm going to retake to test to try to raise this score)

    And so far, my grades are fine.
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    unfortunately, I believe that Harvard won't accept me because I'm not a student leader.
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    Rice is known for its work in nanotechnology and the university is extremely friendly with undergraduate research. Rice also just opened up the Bioscience Research Collaborative.
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    What about Johns Hopkins?
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    dude, you're talking about BME. BioMedical Engineering.

    Duke has one of the best BME departments in the world, even without factoring in the biophysics and mathematical biology trendiness Duke has gotten involved in. w00t nonlinear dynamics.

    Do some research. If you don't even know what Rice is, you don't know very much about colleges. Your comment about Harvard makes me think the same. Harvard aint the default kid ;) Johns Hopkins beats the pants off Harvard when it comes to BME.
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    Absolutely not. The Ivy League is about sports. Geography. In other words, if any sort of official Ivy League expansion were to happen, it would HAVE to happen in the Northeast.
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    By "Ivy League", he didn't mean the NCAA categories, he meant the prestige and quality of the schools IN the Ivy League
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    Indeed, yet I was pointing out the inherent impossibility in joining the "Ivy League." It is flat out impossible for Rice to join the Ivy League, even if it DOES gain the reputation of an Ivy League.

    For example, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Caltech all have prestige equivalent to Ivy League schools. Nonetheless, I will laugh at anyone who says Duke is in the Ivy League.

  12. Apr 6, 2010 #11
    I have been trying to do research. I just haven't gotten anywhere, that's why I posted here. So, genetics falls under BME? What other colleges have good undergraduate BME programs?
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