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Undergrad in the UK or the USA

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    Hello there

    I've heard that undergraduate course in Physics/Maths/Eng in universities in UK and US differ in a few ways. I could search through the websites of renowned Universities of both these countries, unfortunately, I have a big exam coming up soon, and do not have much time to do this comparison.
    I was wondering if anyone could inform me how different and in what ways are they so different?

    thankx a bunch!

    hope this thread would not start some sort of debate between british n american grads/professors/lecturers of
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    Vanadium 50

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    Translation: "My time is too valuable to do the work myself. But yours isn't."

    I don't think you are likely to get as large a response with this tactic than with perhaps other choices you might have made.
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    Its better to hear from the people who are and have been in that side of life already , right? especially if they are a part of the teaching/academia and scholars... experience counts....

    well, an advise when you are free will surely help me. thanks
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    If you live in Europe or the United States, one choice is probably much cheaper. Unless your family has millions of dollars, why not just go with the cheapest option?
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    If you're going to a private university in America, you definitely don't need millions of dollars to have it cost as much or more than paying full tuition at a school in the UK
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    So go to a public one.
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    Are you going to pursue Graduate School? In the US?

    If you are planning to pursue graduate school in the US you should most likely go to a US school. Your recommenders will be more saccharine and the admissions committee will be more likely to be familiar with your school.
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    I might pursue grad school in the US. How much do UK and US undergrad schools differ in terms of the syllabus.

    I've looked at the course framework of a number of leading universities in both countries:
    picked two of my choices(they are the "biggies" i know,no harm trying):



    (the major is in physics)

    please let me know your view.

    By the way, j93, uman and office shredder, thank you.
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