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Undergrad Math School

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    I'm nearing the end of highschool and am looking for a college/university for my undergraduate studies. I am planning to major in Mathematics with a concentraion in secondary education. I only have two schools on my list to consider/apply, they are EIU and UIC (because good teachers I know have attended these schools), however, I would like to expand the list so that I have a wider selection to choose from. Any suggestions for good undergraduate math education schools?
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    anywhere in the world?
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    Yes, the location of the school doesn't matter to me.
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    Um i think he really means anywhere in the world that has a math program. Just go to the university close to your house
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    Haha thats not what I meant.

    MIT and the University of Waterloo are prestigious schools for math in North America.
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    Although it doesn't matter as much where you go for undergrad, I guess I'll just list the most prestigious/top math undergrads for you to keep in mind: Harvard, Berkeley, Princeton, MIT, U of Chicago, Caltech, Stanford, UCLA, Yale, etc.

    EDIT: Also, note that you should probably go to a different university for graduate school if you intend to do that. This means that if you want to try out both a public + private university for a wider spectrum, try a public university undergrad and private grad. That's my plan anyways.
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    If you want a degree in math *education*, I would not be going to MIT, and probably not any of the high-powered schools listed. I would go to a liberal arts school that has a program in it.
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    Both UCLA and Berkeley have math teaching programs housed in the math department.
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