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Undergrad reasearch placement.

  1. Jan 30, 2006 #1
    I'm mid-way through my second year (I'm in UK) in physics (not that this stuff makes a whole lot of difference, but it's background) and i'm about to apply for a sponsorship for a short work-placement in the department of a local University over the summer. To apply, I need to hand a CV in and write a short paragraph on why I want to get the placement.

    Basically, I'm open for tips on what to write for my short paragraph. Obviously I'm heavily interested in what I do, so thats a place to start - I can talk about that and continue with my reading/fasctination with journals etc but i'm just wondering if theres any ideas for something extra.

    Also, when they say CV (the obvious thing here would be to ask them but..well, I didn't and I won't be in contact for a short while) are they expecting a fully-laid out history including professional past and all current qualifications? I'm guessing yes on this one.

    Anyway, any contributions appreciated, thanks.
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    Can your careers centre help, with practise CVs etc.? I would make it a technical one regarding what *relevant* modules you've done, and the *specific* skills you've learnt in them, that kind of thing. Don't worry too much about work experience, it's probably not relevant. Don't make it more than 2-3 sides long.

    You can probably tell them a lot more in your CV than a short paragraph. Your ideas for this I think are fine.
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