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Undergrad Research

  1. Mar 4, 2008 #1
    I'm a sophomore attending university and I'm wondering about undergrad research.
    It's currently like the 7th or 8th week out of a 15 week semester. Is it too late for me to try to get a professor/grad student to let me help research with them? Now that I've got my schedule a little more open, I could spare 10 hours per week doing something, but now I am feeling that it's a little too late for me to pursue anything.

    After spring break there will only be a week left in March and then it's just April and May, so that's not really a whole lot of time.

    P.S. I definitely can't afford to stay in the city during the summer, so unfortunately research during the summer seems to be out of the question.
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    Research tends to be a slow process. I found that even doing 6 months of research part time as an undergrad gave me barely enough content to submit 1 paper for publication, granted one thing I did for 6 weeks didn't turn out well.
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    Doesn't hurt to ask does it? Maybe you could even research at home during the summer.
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    Go ask. Doing research should be completely on the side, so it doesn't matter when you start.

    I worked for one of my professors in fall quarter, and continued working in winter quarter, with the caveat being "Give me some time to adjust to the new quarter. Like a week or so."

    He was very understanding, so you shouldn't be afraid to ask that to your professors, too.
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    I agree with the other posters here. I can't hurt to ask. Plus, you may secure yourself a spot helping in the lab for next semester.
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