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Undergraduate admission

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    If you have attended at least one semester of undergraduate college, are you excluded from undergraduate admission to another college?
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    This is called a "transfer".

    You would have to speak with the two universities (or look on their websites) to see their policies regarding transfering and which credits they will honor. Generally there is a separate application process for transfering than for regular admission.
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    I know about the transfer option. In that area, competition tends to be higher, which would increase the probability that the answer to my question is "yes". I was just asking to verify my suspicion.

    Thanks for your feedback anyway!
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    I'm not entirely sure (and it depends on the school), but I think the transfer process is usually less competitive than seeking admission as a freshman. After you've already successfully completed a couple of semesters of coursework at another school, you have demonstrated your college-level academic ability. You're no longer an "unkown" like an incoming freshman.

    - Warren
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    I transferred into a state university with an absolutely horrible high school transcript, no SATs, and no recommendation letters from current community college professors, but a high GPA from community college. Depending on the desired major and school, transfer admission can be easy or difficult.
    Also, if your older, and have been out of high school for a few years (like me), then they are also likely to waive certain requirements. For instance, since I had been out of high school for 3 years and had about 40 community college credits (about 12 gen ED credits transfered, thats it), I just had to write a letter requesting a waiver for my lack of SAT scores.
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    Usually, when you are transferring to be classified as a transfer student, you need a certain number of hours completed at the undergraduate level.

    Check with the college to see whether you will be classified as a transfer or incoming student.
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