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Undergraduate chemical engineering

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    i'm applying to take undergraduate chemical engineering and i was wondering if there was anything i needed to know to prepare for it.

    Chemistry is a very interesting topic to me. I'm currently reading "History of Analytical Chemistry" by Ferenc Szabadvary. Does anyone know of any other good historical books on the development of chemistry?Things that cover: the design of the measuring instruments(flasks, beakers), identification of elements and the development of the periodic table.
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    Well if you really interested in historical work, Lavosier's Elements of Chemistry is pretty classic. Keep in mind thoughthis is pre-Mendeleev chemistry of the early 19th century.
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    thank you. i will check it out.
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    You should be aware that chemical engineering is more engineering than chemistry. The best preparation is all the math you can get.
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    yeah, i'm preparing myself mathematically. is there another disciple of study that is more chemistry oriented?
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    Um, chemistry ? :wink:
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    eh, i meant as a major offered by a university. Is there an actual specialist field for chemistry? All this time i was under the impression that it fell under chemical engineering.

    I think i put this in the wrong thread category. Should I create a new thread and paste a link of this in the career guidance forum?
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    Nah believe it or not chemistry is a field all unto itself, much like physics. However there are specializations. These include biochemisty, physical chemistry, organic & inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, etc.. This is much like it is in physics where you have condensed matter physics, particle physics, biophysics, astronomy, etc. But if you ask people what they majored in, they will say Chemistry. Biochem is a notable exception here - people will often say they have a B.S. in Biochemistry and not just chemistry.
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    ah, ok, i'm going to look more up on this. thank you for your help so-crates.
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