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Undergraduate colleges for physics

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    does anyone know of any undergraduate colleges that have strong programs for physics and astronomy (possibly astrophysics)? i have kind of looked at university of arizona but that is all. any help would be much appreciated, especially because i really need to apply soon! thanks
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    no one knows of any???
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    I believe there are some ... in the UK, Australia, continental Europe (esp Germany), ... maybe even China and India. However, the US?
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    i think colleges out of the u.s. are a little out of the question at this point in time, except perhaps canada. what about technical institutes? i was staying away from them because i wanted some music programs but i would assume they have some. i don't know. i have three colleges i am applying to and one of them is a safety school. i don't know how to find good schools. help would be much appreciated because i really need to apply.
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    Unless things have changed since the last time I checked, the University of Chicago should still have the #1 ranked Astrophysics program in the country. And of course, their physics dept. is consistently ranked in the Top 5.

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