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Undergraduate degee in physics

  1. Feb 3, 2013 #1
    I was recently admittd to Marquette university and their eop program eop stands for educational opportunity program. It's for low income first generation studnts and they pay a significant amount of you tuition, provide tutoring services, guidance etc. I plan on majoring in physics. My questionis does anyone know how physics is at Marquette university? Does where you do undergraduate matter for grad school?
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    Where you go matters to a point. It's easier to get into a top school (say, Harvard) if you come from a top school (like Princeton). That's not to say you will be excluded from Harvard if you don't come from Princeton, but you'll have to work harder and shine brighter. Do well in your classes, perform at the top of your class, try to do some research in your junior and senior years, and study hard to score well on the GRE. Find one or more mentors who are interested in your future and will help to guide you (these may be outside of your college). Take advantage of opportunities that come your way. This prescription will maximize your chances for success in grad school.
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