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Undergraduate experiment ideas?

  1. Mar 8, 2012 #1
    Hi guys, I'm in my 3rd year of a 4-year masters degree in the UK - I've just come to the end of my lab course for this year and have been encouraged to make suggestions for improvements to the course. I wanted to suggest some new experiments for the convenors to consider and wanted to know the kind of experiments others have undertaken during the latter years of their undergrad studies. As it stands we have the following experiments in the lab:

    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - conducting NMR in protons

    • Electron Spin Resonance - essentially doing a magnetic resonance in a free radical sample in an electromagnet
    • Optical Pumping - populating a particular Zeeman substate in Cs and then performing a magnetic resonance on it
    • Gamma-ray spectroscopy using a PMT/scintillator
    • Beta-Ray spectroscopy
    • IR hyperfine Spectroscopy of Rb using a saturating laser
    • Optical Spectroscopy
    • A generic telescope experiment - telescope/spotter scope setup, investigating resolution, CCD setup, etc etc, and some observations.
    • The Stern-Gerlach experiment

    As you can see there's a fairly wide selection of experiments there, but most tend to focus on either magnetic resonance or spectroscopy of some kind. I'd be particularly interested in knowing of any astrophysics/astronomical-related experiments you've done, and all experiments should be at a level suitable for students in their third year who will be doing a masters, and should be long enough to run for 5 weeks.

    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your input!
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