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Undergraduate Guidance

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    Considering taking a undergraduate BSci in mathematics. My ability is not stellar, I attain fairly good grades and take the top levels but I haven't competed in competitions such as Olympiad, etc. My question is: Should I or Shouldn't I major in mathematics?
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    Your performance in high school often has little correlation with your performance in university. The study habits required of you in university are probably radically different from those required of you in high school.

    The most important question you should ask yourself is: Do I like mathematics enough to spend four years immersed in it? If the answer is yes, then you should, by all means, major in math.

    Keep in mind that you can always change it later if you decide it's not for you. If you change your major in the first couple of years, there's essentially no penalty.

    - Warren
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    Don't worry about high school scores/competitions/olympiads/hierarchies... like above: university maths is completely different.

    You find a lot of people who were top at their high school, fall short when it comes to learning university maths - and vice versa.

    You can't tell until you start.

    All I would say is that you have to find high school maths easy - but don't worry about not having a medal :wink:
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