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Undergraduate Physics Programs

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    As I go through my college search, I've been having a hard time finding rankings of universities undergraduate physics programs. If anybody knows what the great physics programs are in U.S. Universities and would be willing to share it, I would much appreciate it.

    Also, I know that the normal list that comes up will be something like Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford. Although I'm applying to colleges of that caliber, everybody knows that admission to a top-tier college like that is never a sure thing. So if anybody knows what colleges in the tier below that have great physics programs that would be the most useful information.

    One other question, some universities offer a B.S. and a B.A. in Physics, what are the differences between them?
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    anybody know?
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    Didn't try any of these, but you do that and tell me your opinions, please:







    Where I have these from the guy is talking about doctorate level and he says there are actually specialized magazines and websites which do this kind of rankings.
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