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Undergraduate Research in EE or Physics?

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    Hi all, I'm currently a double major in Physics/EE with about 2 semesters left until graduation (in the Fall), and I'm having a little trouble choosing between two potential mentors for undergraduate research. I'm planning on attending grad school in Physics once I finish up my degrees, and I'm trying to strengthen my application as much as possible before I apply in the Fall.

    I could either do research in signal processing with the EE professor, or I could do research in condensed matter with the physics professor. Personally, I feel like my relationship with the EE professor would be more personable and the experience would be more rewarding than with the physics mentor. I'm also more interested in the research topic than I am in the the physics topic, but I was wondering if research experience in EE would carry less weight than research in physics would. I still find the research topic in physics interesting, but it's not the topic I plan on pursuing in graduate school. I was also wondering if recommendation letters should come strictly from physics professors, as this will also affect my ultimate choice.

    I've been weighting the pros and cons of each against one another, but I'm having trouble making a finals decision and was hoping to get some insight from other people on here.

    Sorry if this post comes across as neurotic or ridiculous, and thanks in advance for your responses!
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